“Prep” information updated for Spring 2015

“Prep” Info Updated for Spring 2015

The clinical sites have updated their student and faculty onboarding and orientation information for Spring, 2015.

The direct link for students is: http://clinicalcoordination.org/clinical-prep/student-prep/

The direct link for faculty is: http://clinicalcoordination.org/clinical-prep/faculty-prep/

Schedule for updating Clinical Prep info

The Clinical Sites will be updating their orientation/onboarding materials on the TCCP website through November 21st. Once that is complete, we will send an email to the schools to let you know that you can start doing your rosters and passing on the information to your students.

Frozen Time is ended

Frozen Time has ended for both groups and preceptors and schools may now submit any new requests they’d like. We still have a few clinical sites with pending decisions.

Frozen Time for Spring 2015

We are now in Frozen Time for Spring 2015.  The deadline for most decisions to be entered by the clinical partners is October 1st for Groups and October 31st for Preceptors.  During Frozen Time, schools may not enter new requests or changes for the Spring 2015 data. If there are any last-minute requests/changes for Fall 2014, those may still be entered as usual.

TCCP staff are still finalizing the Summer 2015 schedule and hope to release the data to the clinical partners in the next week or so.


Status of Spring 2015 request data entry

Status of Spring 2015 request data entry: We have almost all of the schools’ request info in, and are in the process of doing quality control. We expect to be able to release the data to the clinical partners around the middle of next week.  -Judith

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