Allina: Advanced Practice/PA Faculty/Admin Prep

Welcome to Allina Health!

All Allina Health Academic Resources for all student types, with the new Registration Process, have been moved to: Allina Health Student Preparation.

Approval Process

  1. Allina Health can only accept students from schools that have an active Clinical Affiliation Agreement with Allina Health.
  2. All APRN Faculty MUST have a current MN Nursing license. The preceptor is not the faculty.
  3. Clinical and Project placement must be approved by Allina Health formally. Please read: Academic Placement Tip Sheet for APRN – PA

Coordination and Onboarding Processes

  1. APRN (MS, DNP, CNS, etc.) / PA – Project Request Form
    • Note: This form and formal approval is required before any project inquiry/planning starts and each active semester).
  2. If attending clinicals or projects at the following sites, review site-specific directions:
  3. All Students, including Allina Health employees, must meet the Allina Health student requirements for immunizations: Infection Control Policy-Appendix G (Immunizations)
  4. All Students, including Allina Health employees, must complete a MN or WI DHS background study (based upon clinical location) through the school.
  5. The Allina Health requirements are in the Academic Resource Guide and Infection Control Policy-Appendix G (Immunizations).
  6.  Excellian/Electronic Medical Record Access:
    • Excellian Access needs will be determined upon registration.
    • Excellian Documentation Guidelines. (Employee students: be sure to read to the end of the document).
    • Excellian issues on site: Call 612-262-1900.
  7. Review the frequently asked questions and additional resources as needed.

Site-Specific Maps

If the map links do not work, go to, search for the site and click on the link for directions.