Allina: Advanced Practice Student Prep

Thank you for your interest in Allina Health.  Allina is committed to providing high quality clinical experiences for thousands of students each year.  We continue to investigate new ways to improve the student experience while maintaining Allina’s outstanding reputation for excellent patient care.

An academic affiliation agreement is required with all colleges/universities that request student rotations.  Priority is given to students attending Minnesota colleges and universities.

Allina Health does not have a programmatic approach to matching available provider preceptors with advanced practice nursing and physician assistant student requests.  Rather, Allina expects the student and/or college to seek and confirm an available preceptor.  We have limited opportunities for NP or PA students to complete clinical rotations at our sites.  This process can be arduous and require many phone calls.

Following are some guidelines that will assist in locating a preceptor and clinical site.

  • The college is responsible for locating a clinical site with an available preceptor, unless their practice is to have the student make this contact.
  • Students accepted at Allina Health must be actively enrolled in an accredited program at an accredited college or university.
  • The college must have an active Clinical Experience Agreement with Allina Health System. We are not able to establish Agreement with all colleges and sometimes must decline to proceed.
  • The Agreement requires that the college obtain a background check from the Minnesota DHS as required by Minnesota State Law. Some colleges decline to do this and as a result we must decline their students.
  • Network with colleagues to find available provider preceptors.
  • Be prepared to contact multiple sites to investigate preceptor availability if the first choice is unavailable to assist.
  • Allina Employees:  It is preferred that you secure a preceptor from outside your Allina employed unit.
  • Contact college alumni currently employed by Allina Health and request their assistance in either serving as the preceptor or finding a willing colleague.
  • All students must register and complete pre-clinical training as required for his/her specific discipline.

All Clinical Sites

Home Care Services – Senior Care Transitions, Palliative Care, Hospice Care

  • All requests must come from the college, not the student.
  • Cold calls from students are not accepted.
  • Potential preceptors cannot approve experiences independent of this process.

Home Care Specific Documents:

Allina HealthAmbulatory/Outpatient Clinics

Allina Health clinical placement inquiries are done by either the college coordinator or the student.

Visit and contact the Clinic Manager or Clinical Services Supervisor to request a preceptor.  Be prepared to contact multiple clinics to investigate preceptor availability if the first choice of clinic is unavailable to assist.

Ambulatory/Clinic Specific Documents:

Allina HealthInpatient Hospitals

All sites

Abbott Northwestern Hospital —  Student Packet 2019

Buffalo Hospital

Cambridge Medical Center

District One Hospital

Mercy Hospital

New Ulm Medical Center

Owatonna Hospital

Phillips Eye Institute

Regina Medical Center

River Falls Area Hospital

St. Francis Medical Center

United Hospital

Unity Hospital