Allina: Nursing Faculty/Admin Prep

Welcome to Allina Health

Students and Faculty:

The “LMS tip sheet” course that shows in our learning management system along with your required onboarding eLearnings is meant to be informational only and not a requirement of onboarding.  Please open/use if you have any questions about how the system works.  If you have no questions you do need to even open the offering.

Approval Process

  1. Allina Health can only accept students from schools that have an active Clinical Affiliation Agreement with Allina Health.
  2. Clinical placement must be approved by Allina Health formally, via TCCP. Academic Placement Request Tip Sheet – Nursing

Coordination and Onboarding Processes

  1. School’s Clinical Coordinator/Faculty must review all documents on the TCCP. Start with the Academic Resource Guide. Failure to comply with expectations will result in delay or cancellation of clinical experiences.
  2. Orientation of new faculty or clinical coordinators to the process and tools is the responsibility of the school.
  3. Send Preliminary Roster to Allina Health Academic Coordinator for the site at least 6 weeks prior to the approved clinical experience.
  4. School/Faculty must send Registration Directions to individuals.
  5. If attending clinicals at the following sites, review site specific directions.
  6. RN to BSN – Review the Tip Sheet where appropriate.
  7. Leadership – Review Academic Placement Request Tip Sheet – Nursing
  8. Send Final Roster attesting that all items are in compliance a minimum of 3 weeks before the start of the approved clinical start date. The Allina Health requirements are in the Academic Resource Guide (see link above) and Infection Control Policy-Appendix G.
  9. If students will need to administer medications for clinical experience, it is critical that the Final Roster be sent by the school/faculty to the appropriate pharmacy.
  10. Excellian/Electronic Medical Record Access.
  11. Review the frequently asked questions and additional resources as needed.

Site-Specific Map Links

If the Map links do not work, go to  Search for the site and click on the link for directions.