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Ebola – Student Process

Allina Health would like to communicate our Ebola plan as it relates to student activity. If your student(s) has traveled to any country with Ebola (per the CDC – ), or has had contact with a person with symptomatic Ebola, the student must complete the 21 day monitoring AND be seen in the Allina Health clinical site’s Employee Health Services for screening PRIOR to coming to any Allina Health clinical rotation.

If an actual or suspected Ebola patient presents at the student’s Allina Health clinical site, students will be immediately removed and faculty/coordinators notified.

Please feel free to contact Ann Yolitz [ ] with any questions.


Final student roster submission to the individual ADC pharmacy email addresses will prompt the site pharmacy department to assign appropriate student ADC access. The “student“ profile access allows medication removal.  Student are prohibited from withdrawing or administering narcotics.

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