Allina Health: Pre-Licensure Nursing Student Preparation

Allina Health Pre-Licensure Nursing Student Preparation Information

Welcome to Allina Health. We are excited to provide an environment where our professional staff and quality health care lend themselves to an excellent learning experience for all clinical students. Students are the future of healthcare! This site is intended to provide clinical students with the necessary information to make their clinical experience a successful one. Please note that Allina Health accepts only approved clinical experiences. Faculty and/or program directors must contact the academic coordinators at the site for required approval.

List of Mandatory Requirements for every Clinical Student:

  1. The school with whom the clinical student is registered must have a signed Allina Affiliation Agreement on file.
  2. All clinical students must register for EVERY clinical experience at Allina (even for multiple experiences at Allina sites). Click on the directions document for specific website.
  3. Allina Health is mandated by the MN Department of Human Services to have all clinical students (no exceptions) clear a MN DHS background study without disqualifications. Schools must complete this study for each student.
  4. Allina Health follows the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for required immunization status. Please see attached document for Allina’s required list. (copy of Appendix G)
  5. Students must complete the Allina Clinical Student Orientation once per year – July 1 through June 30. This is an on-line module that is made available to each student after registering for the clinical experience. Students are required to print a certificate of completion and submit to faculty for verification.
  6. Depending on the clinical role students may have more required training to gain access to the electronic medical record. Site academic leads will assist students/faculty with further training requirements. These training modules must be completed before the clinical rotation. Students are required to print a certificate of completion and submit to faculty for verification.
  7. Uniform Policy: Allina Health has a strict uniform policy for healthcare providers. Please contact program faculty for details.

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Site-Specific Information

Go to, search for the hospital, and click on the link for directions.