Allina: Nursing Student Prep

Welcome to Allina Health!

Failure to comply with expectations will result in delay or cancellation of clinical experience.

  1. Read and follow the Registration Directions.
  2. You must register for each and every clinical experience/semester.
  3. COVID Protection Plan Requirements for ALL Allina Health students:
    1. Must read and comply with Allina Health Clinical Students/Faculty Pandemic (COVID19) Precaution /Preparation Requirements.
    2. Must complete and submit the Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire.
  4. Send A# (Login ID) and non-employee (or employee) numbers to your faculty/clinical coordinator.
  5. Complete required e-learning modules and send certificates of completion to faculty/clinical coordinator.
  6. If attending clinicals at the following sites, review site-specific directions:
  7. Review the frequently asked questions and additional resources as needed.

Site-Specific Maps

If the map links do not work, go to, search for the site and click on the link for directions.