Fairview: Advanced Practice Faculty/Admin Prep

Fairview Health Services Advanced Practice Provider Faculty/Admin

Please provide the Student Request Form four weeks prior to student rotations. This must be provided on time in order for the students to chart in EPIC and get onto the network. If the student is with the FV Adult Gero group they must be provided with the appropriate educational forms 4 weeks prior to their rotation. These students should test their epic codes and secure gateway prior to beginning with their preceptor.


Fairview Health Services Advanced Practice Provider Students (Includes NP/PA/CRNA)

All students must complete Fairview Required Learning annually; to access this information click here.

Please contact your Program coordinators for the EPIC links to complete for in-patient and ambulatory.

If you are at a FV Geriatric site your program coordinators have a guide and instructions to complete prior to arriving with preceptor. If you do not compete prior to student opportunity you will not be able to rotate with preceptor.