COVID-19 Updates

Clearinghouse of COVID-19 updates on TCCP members by school and clinical site.

Check this page for the latest updates regarding school and clinical site COVID-19 activity. We will be continually checking in with schools and hospitals/systems and will be updating this information as it becomes available.

Educational Partner Updates 4.10.20

Clinical Partner Updates 6.15.20

Information is in alphabetical order, organized in either the Clinical Partner or Education Partner file.

To allow as much flexibility as possible if things need to change, we uploaded it into an Excel format that you can download to your computer. This way you can sort the information (in Excel) any way you want plus if we need to add columns of info it will be easy to do.

If you have any suggestions as to how TCCP could be of further assistance please let email Elizabeth Biel, Executive Director, TCCP at