Grant Services/Support

If you are developing a grant or proposal for healthcare school and facility student planning we can help.

For eight years TCCP secured grant or grant-like funding to continue to maintain our services. As a result, we have a clearinghouse of proposal language that has proven helpful to those seeking funding to initiate a clinical coordination partnership effort in their area.

Below are samples of information we can provide; contact us to determine if this would be helpful or if there are other resources we could develop.

Available proposal information:

  • Descriptions of the clinical coordination issue – who’s involved, why its important, how it is currently causing difficulties
  • Descriptions of clinical coordination strategies that have proven successful and how they can help your region(s)
  • Proposal outlines and anticipated outcomes
  • Budget numbers and models
  • Other relevant information
  • Timelines

TCCP has contributed to successful grants from the following funding bodies:

  • US Department of Labor – grant funds
  • Minnesota State Colleges & Universities
    • Center of Excellence Grants
    • Initiative funds
  • Dakota Medical Foundation