How New Members Start

We aim to make new members’ process of working with TCCP as easy as possible. We will walk you through each step of connecting your facility into TCCP’s tools and services for scheduling student experiences.

  1. We will personally meet with you to discuss and review your clinical coordination activities – how you currently schedule, what factors must be maintained, identify problematic issues and any site-specific needs.
  2. We will convert your current student scheduling tracking system/data into our standardized scheduling and communication system. In addition, we’ll walk you through setting up your facilities site and unit.
  3. We will walk you through your converted information – explain how it means the same as what was previously used, how to quickly understand and user for your site’s needs. In addition help determine which schools to notify that your facility will be using TCCP for scheduling.
  4. After your notification, we will meet with each of your schools to (a) describe TCCP tools and services, (b) guide through your converted scheduling data, (c) instruct how to use for their student requests, and (d) help submit their requests for future semesters by a designated timeline.
  5. We will take each of your school’s request information and compile it into a master scheduling report
  6. We will meet with you to review the master scheduling report, describe how to read and user to determine your response to requests (approve, deny, seek additional information)
  7. We will train you on how to use StudentLink (TCCP’s scheduling and communication software) to communicate decisions and compile needed data for your facility
  8. After scheduling, we will coordinate clinical sites and schools to discuss what went well and what to improve. We will implement strategies to implement solutions.

What it Costs

TCCP membership fees are developed and approved by the TCCP Advisory Committee.

  • Membership fees are based on a sliding scale that gauges level of resources needed per general level/size of activity
  • Membership fees fund TCCP’s annual budget that covers the staffing and technology resources needed to be sustainable – TCCP does not aim generate profits.
  • Every three years TCCP will determine any changes to membership fees. TCCP aims to increase membership numbers so that membership fees may either decrease or remain the same – TCCP is committed to not increasing fee levels for members that have unchanging student experience levels.
  • Members may submit an appeal to membership fees for consideration

TCCP’s current membership fee scale can be found here.