How New Programs Start

Often current TCCP members see a need to bring efficiencies to other programs they work with for student experiences.

TCCP staff consult with the TCCP Advisory Committee to determine which program areas to expand services to. Typically program expansions are based on membership feedback such as surveys and meeting discussions. For example, TCCP recently expanded to provide services to Advanced Practice Professionals (Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant programs).

Prior to undertaking expansion efforts, TCCP first researches the programs’ student clinical activity to identify needs:

  • What data descriptors/criteria are needed for a clinical site to comprehensively understand and provide a decision to a program’s request for activity?
  • Does activity follow trends from year to year or is the activity different each year?
  • Are experiences typically:
    • In groups of students, one-on-one or both?
    • Are experiences typically on designated units or throughout multiple locations?
    • Staffed by program faculty or clinical site employees?
    • Provided in trends (i.e., usually the same year to year) or annually different?
    • Held on certain days of the week or anytime?
  • Are there any outside factors that affect student experience scheduling and coordination?