Not in Minnesota? That’s OK: How Regions Start

We welcome the opportunity to bring our proven efficiencies to new areas/partnerships.

TCCP has a ten-year history of building new regions and partnership areas between healthcare providers and schools to address their complex interactions to schedule student experiences.

From these experiences, we have a proven record of:

  • Coordinating schools and healthcare providers – often when they’ve never worked together before
  • Identifying problematic issues that may be present and developing solutions to work through them
  • Asking the right questions to create a realistic and attainable efficiency strategy
  • Providing technology tools to eliminate redundant and time-consuming tasks
  • Understanding the real-world environment and providing the staffing support needed to produce results
  • Setting up connections and processes between partners to ensure the technology produces results

Most importantly, we will help new partners during each step towards building an effective partnership in your area – we will not just sell you a database and leave you hanging.

Feel free to contact us to explore how TCCP could help your partners with our clinical coordination expertise.

What it Costs

Each new region and/or partnership is unique and has different needs – therefore we will work with each region to develop a workable cost strategy for their use of TCCP tools are services.

TCCP will work with each region to identify the scope and deliverables for what they aim to do, for example:

  • How many clinical sites and schools are involved
  • How many programs we will be working with (i.e., pre-licensure nursing, advanced practice professionals, allied health, etc.)
    • For each program identified, how clinical activity takes place in clinical environments
  • Current identified problems and desired outcomes – why you want to start a clinical coordination effort and what you expect out of it
  • Has the region worked together before
  • If there is a staff resource in the area to guide efforts or if TCCP will coordinate for them

Based on these factors, we will provide an estimate of what financial resources are needed for TCCP to produce the identified results. This estimate will be presented to the potential region for analysis, discussion and adoption.