About Us

Our Mission:

The Clinical Coordination Partnership (TCCP) works to maximize the ability of our healthcare and education partners to meet clinical experiential learning needs or “clinical experiences.”

What We Address:

Clinical experiences are the hands-on, internship-type experiences all healthcare students must complete to graduate. Today, the lack of capacity to accommodate these experiences is reaching critical levels. It is among the top three barriers in nursing program maintenance and expansion. This means if clinical issues remain as they are, healthcare graduate rates will not meet future workforce demands.

Our Goals:

TCCP’s goals are to increase and improve healthcare experiential learning activity through efficiency, utilization and collaboration.

This is accomplished by:

  • Committed Partnerships
  • Sustained Communication
  • Data & Process Standardization
  • Technology
  • Transparency

Our Vision:

Through vibrant partnerships and innovation, experiential learning needs are secured to meet future critical healthcare workforce demands.

Our Innovative Partnerships:

For the first time, TCCP brings together clinical experience stakeholders (education programs and clinical sites) to become innovative partners in identifying and implementing effective solutions for shared clinical issues. We work collaboratively to develop customized services that meet the needs of our partners’ clinical experience activity.

Through this work, TCCP aims to make the entire clinical experiential planning process easier for all stakeholders–allowing more time and opportunities for partners to increase and maintain clinical experience capacity.

TCCP is a partner sustained entity housed in HealthForce MN