TCCP Membership

Interested in working with TCCP? Membership benefits, references and details.

With our help, TCCP longstanding clinical site members report a 75% increased efficiency in time savings for scheduling and tracking student experiences.

Are you spending a lot of time on:

• Back-and-forth to clarify confusing requests and to get all the information needed to make a decision?
• Compiling requests into a master schedule?
• Contacting schools to iron out decisions?
• Calculating student community benefit numbers?
• Onboarding students?

We Can Help

We serve as an assistant to our members for the detail and process work of planning student experiences.

We are not just an online database; we provide the coordination services to use our scheduling software with multiple partners to produce results. We take over the redundant tasks that waste time, giving our members more time to work on providing and increasing student experiences.

TCCP delivers through our thorough understanding of the clinical coordination environment – what works well and what doesn’t. We develop a customized strategy supported by online data tools to target real-time needs. Then we do the legwork of implementing this strategy for your scheduling work as well as maintaining your information for future semester planning.

Want to see if TCCP can help with your student scheduling?

Contact us and let’s talk about our favorite topic – clinical coordination!