How We Save Time

We take care of the legwork involved with organizing clinical information. Not only do we provide easy-to-use online tools but we also ensure all partners in the process work together to achieve results.

We’ve found that if we can make organizing and coordinating this chaotic information as easy as possible, healthcare facilities have more time to provide schools with experiences.

Our members receive hands-on assistance from TCCP’s staff, who take care of the redundant tasks involved with scheduling clinicals. For example, TCCP staff:

  • Contact schools to submit requests and ensure all requests are submitted on time
  • Receive requests from multiple schools and ensure all of the information is complete and correct
  • Compare requests with previous semesters to ensure trends in activity are not disrupted
  • Assemble and deliver information into an easy-to-use master schedule format
  • Calculate student Community Benefit Hours
  • Assist with any other special member requests

At the same time, members have access to a centralized clinical student scheduling center, StudentLink, which is used by 100+ healthcare facilities and program clinical coordinators. StudentLink:

  • Houses all of users’ clinical coordination data (information they use to schedule and track student experiences)
  • Requires schools to submit their requests in a standardized and complete manner – meaning data is accurate for comparisons and queries
  • Includes user-friendly tools to access data and develop reports
  • Provides resources for education partners to research typical activity so that they do not submit new requests that conflict with established activity
  • Provides instant communication of experience changes through automatic notifications

Basically, we take care of all the information gathering and data checking. This allows us to deliver highly accurate request reports to our clinical site representatives, enabling them to immediately use this information to work with their units’ requests.

All the clinical partner needs to do is input their decisions into our automated scheduling and communication software – enabling them to communicate decisions to all of their partnering schools at one place.