TCCP Co-op Model

TCCP operates as a professional cooperative – this means TCCP members direct TCCP efforts.

All members contribute annual membership dues so that their redundant tasks may be streamlined and/or taken care of by the partnership. Members find they save a tremendous amount of frustration, time and effort when this work is consolidated and coordinated by an entity that works on behalf of all.

TCCP is led by the TCCP Advisory Committee, an active workgroup that represents all member types (schools, hospitals, systems, rural, metro). Additionally TCCP receives member feedback/direction through our bi-annual one-on-one process work, All Partner Meetings, special issue committees, surveys and other communication streams.

Like a cooperative, TCCP aims to decrease individual member costs through collective cost sharing.

TCCP’s budget is annually developed and overseen by the TCCP Advisory Committee. All collected membership funds go towards sustaining, enhancing and growing the partnership for members.

TCCP budget overview:


This funding enables TCCP to:

  • Maintain the partnership and the collective partner strategy
  • Work to improve collective partner actions on an ongoing basis
  • Provide timely scheduling process support; customer services: notices, training, report generation, or other specialized services
  • Ensure all TCCP online tools are maintained and functioning properly
  • Maintain an easily accessible help line for members
  • Keep an ear to the ground on other member coordination issues; propose solutions and implement