Work We Help Organize

TCCP is very good at managing complex interactions between healthcare facilities and schools that schedule and track student experiences.

Today TCCP is most active in scheduling and tracking student experiences for Pre-licensure Nursing and Advanced Practice Professional (Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant) programs. However, TCCP has been developed to help other programs in which students complete experiences at healthcare facilities as well.

For these healthcare facilities and programs, TCCP addresses:

  • Coordinating multiple programs and facilities to partner for clinical experiences
  • Keeping track of the most up-to-date contact information for partner programs and facilities: who to contact with questions
  • Notifying all programs when to submit requests, along with any facility-specific instructions
  • Receiving and processing requests from multiple programs:
    • Ensuring all request data is understandable, complete, and accurate, as well as following facility-specific instructions
    • Comparing request data with the previous year to ensure relationships are maintained and not abused
    • Organizing requests into a master schedule that outlines all scheduling information and tracking data
    • The back-and-forth of clarifying requests is done for our users so that the only task required is to make their decisions.
  • Organizing the most up-to-date clinical site onboarding and orientation information for students
  • Providing one-on-one assistance during user turnover transitions – for either program or clinical facility employees
  • Calculating Community Benefit Hours for non-profit healthcare facilities
  • Maintaining student experience data for future reference
  • Any other identified work to assist with scheduling or tracking student experiences